<h1> is the most important tag. Basically, it is the topmost heading of a document and as we are also well aware that a piece of content can have only one heading at a time.

All Versions of Android

For example, if we have to list all version of Android on a web page then that webpage will have only one

tag and would be like this

, So, whenever a user visits this webpage then only by going through the heading he will get a basic idea that the content present below this tag is related to versions of Android that have been released till date. Now, what role does

and other tag play and how they fit in web structure?

 tag always comes under the

tag. It means when you have a large piece of content and it consists of multiple parts, then to describe each subpart under different subheadings and simultaneously maintaining hierarchy we will use an

tag. Let’s again consider the example mentioned above of android. After we have provided the list of the Android versions and now if we want to add a little bit of description to every version mentioned in the